Idea and choreography:  Kirill Radev

Music:  Yuriy Abdokov

Light design:  Luis Perdiguero

Costumes:  Slavna Martinovic

Graphic design:  Rebeca Vicente Arnaldos 



"Chamber Capella Russian Conservatory" one of the brightest chamber orchestras in Russia, directed by Nikolay Khodzinsky performs music of Three Poems.



World premiere Moscow Ballet 29 februry, 2014



  In 2014 Radev made his third commissioned work for a russian ballet company named Moscow Ballet. This ballet was «Three poems» music by Y.Abdokov, included to the repertoire of the company.






  “Kirill Radev’s choreographic triad on music by outstanding contemporary composer Jury Abdokov (1967) who is one of Boris Tchaikovsky few followers. This musical and choreographic reflection about life and death, eternal and unguessed. High purity of precious musical scores is a main plot of the ballet where sound, plastic and stage lighting are three indivisible hypostasis of confession voiced by dance… ”




Photography by Sergey Dyachkov, Rust2D

© 2014. All Rights Reserved, KRC.

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